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Sunday, June 26, 2011

long time no post

Wow, my last post was April second. 

Since then my second story has been publish with Books to Go Now.  The story is called ‘Rebuilding Year’ and it follows a group of Hyena shape shifters as they add to their team.  It may become a series or it may not.  I enjoy working with the characters in that story because everything is light.  Nothing is earth shattering. 

I can be funny. 

Actually, I’ve discovered I can’t help but be funny.  Even when I don’t intend to. I start off writing a serious erotic romance and then one of the characters says that a love potion was produced by Baba Yaga, the conversation ends with someone saying “How does one get out of the eating children business and into the love potion business”

I just can’t help it.  I can’t be totally serious, even when I want to be.  Maybe that’s why I like shape shifters so much.  In myth Tricksters are normally shape shifters.  And when things get bad the Trickster is normally the guy who can tell a bad joke and lighten the mood. 

On our way to Boston the other week I regaled my husband with bad jokes about the various provinces of Canada.  We were both tired and irritated and were driving 14 hours, up and back, to go to a parade.  I work hard at being the responsible one, but I don’t always succeed, and I know it goes against my basic nature. 

In my writing I can let that changeable, irresponsible nature take over.  Then I can re-enter the world the stable, supportive person I always am. 

If my humor makes my stories hard to place in the market?  Well, I guess that’s alright.

By the way the parade was totally worth it.  And you might be from Newfoundland if you’ve ever lost your snow blower on your roof.          

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  1. This was a fun post. I like that you use humor to smooth over some of the more serious edges in your stories.

    Congrats on the new story, Rebuilding Year, being published!!

    If you've not read Ms. Richard's story, check it out. It's worth the read!!