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Sunday, August 7, 2011

It’s all about balance

I have two short e-books published by Books To Go Now  and two upcoming short stories, one in a hold it in your hand anthology and another one with B2GN.  I know that when you are with a small publisher your number of sales is dependent on how much you can market yourself. 

The thing is I’m not good at marketing myself. 

I mean I try.  I got a blog under my real name, I have a twitter and a facebook and my live journal.  The thing is I never seem to be able to update them; or at least not with the regularity that I would like.  I feel like I should be saying something interesting or funny.  I often feel like I should be exceptional before I even try to have anyone even look at it. 

I guess that’s not how I should be looking at it.,  If I don’t put myself out there I’ll never get anywhere. 

The other problem I have is time.  I work three jobs (admittedly one job I only do once a month or so) so time is an issue.  And I do like to spend time with people and write from time to time.  I am not near a computer from 8am to 8pm most nights.

Anyway this is the long way of saying that for the next month I am going to start working on getting my stuff together.  I’m going to start working on blogging and really pushing my stories.  Not to the exclusion of everything else, of course, but hopefully enough for me to get on a roll with it.  I am hoping to find a balance of life, writing and social media. 

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