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Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the poor old dog was drowned

What inspires you? I think everyone who writes gets asked this at one time or another and I never know what to say.  I’m betting that most people don’t. 
I also get asked if I would rather be deaf or blind often enough and one day a few weeks ago I got asked both question on the same day.  And it lead me to an answer. 
Sound inspires me. 
I was going to say music, but that isn’t entirely true. I do love music and it does inspire me, but other sounds work just as well.  Anything from the cat pacing around the room reminding me I haven’t fed her or the traffic out side or the background noise of the TV turned down low and tuned to a reality show. 
For the past year I have been writing pieces that have ice hockey players as heroes, so the sound of skates on ice and the roar of the crowd have inspired me. 
And right now it’s the combination of the two.  The title of this post is from a the song ‘the Irish rover’ the song that was on my MP3 player before the hockey game I watched this afternoon.  I hope it brings me inspiration.
So what about you?  What gives you inspiration?

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