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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The 12 nights (and days) of Christmas

There was a time when Christmas started on Saint Nicholas Day, December 6th or 19th, and ended On Epiphany, Jan 6th. The time between Christmas and Epiphany are the twelve days of Christmas.

I can hear you through the screen “but the song takes place before Christmas”. Well, most likely it doesn't.

Over the years we’ve stopped celebrating those days after Christmas. Yes, the UK and the Commonwealth celebrates Boxing day, and there is New Years Eve. I live near Philadelphia and here on New Year we have mummers.

The rest of the days have fallen by the wayside.

The twelfth night used to have many celebrations its own, now we don’t even think of it.

In this blog series we will be celebrating the twelve days and nights of Christmas, from five golden rings to the yule log, you may even see the Lord of Misrule!



  1. We always put up the Christmas tree on Dec. 24th, and took it down on January 6. I'm surprised how many people don't know why.

    1. Well since no one seems to take down the decorations any more I'm not surprised that they don't know.

      I am excited to see what the girls send me for this project!

  2. I'm excited to be part of this, Liz. Thank you for doing it!