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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sorry for the long delay!

     I was out of town with work. Every year the company I work for does a few retail shows. It is sort of an odd thing, you would think that they would be a heap of fun. I mean you go someplace and there are heaps of shopping opportunities and there are clinics about just about every type of horse and riding styles. 
     Mind you, what we see is our booth.
     Even with that it can be a heap of fun. This year we had an awesome group. The two new people Gabby (a professional photographer, who I totally didn't get a website for) and Mel from Evening Star Arabians were both easy going and good traveling companions. Nothing to awful happened beyond issues with the credit card machine and unfortunately that is kinda normal.
     Rhonda from Horsey Set Net stopped by and took this pic of me (it’s a good pic! I can be hard to photograph) with my helmets.
     I got to run through the breed barn and took pics of four breeds. You will be seeing most of those pics in the next month or so. 
     For the first time in what feels like forever I had fun at a show. I even came back with an idea for a business.
     The trick to having a good time is good company - and we had super good company this time. That said, it still takes me what feels like a billion years before I come back to normal after a show. 
     Next post will be part of a blog hop and then there will be two posts about the Arab horse. That breed is way to much to handle in one post, so you will get a bonus post! 


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