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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Great Black Horse

Last week was the Great English Black Horse this week is another destrier that has made it to modern day. The Friesian horse or Belgian Black. The Friesian is smaller than the Shire, standing between 14.2 and 17 hands (58 to 68 inches)at the withers. They are almost always black. 

The breed originated in the Netherlands and was linked closely with the Friesian Holstein cattle. The breed was developed from native horses who were later mixed with other large war horses and later with Spanish horses.

I think (from looking at the breed) that they are a breed that links the heavier destrier with the smaller courser. It has a “Baroque” type conformation. Like the Shire, it is larger than it was in the Middle ages.

If the English Black Horse was renowned for size strength and the ability to trot for long distances, the Friesian was known for being quick and nimble for the size and power they offered.

This breed stared in the movie Ladyhawk.

This lovely breed has been gaining in popularity throughout my life. And it cuts a dashing figure under saddle or in harness. I think this is an awesome choice for a fantasy horse, he can carry a knight or a lady or even as a cart horse.

Don’t let the fact that they are smaller fool you, the first time I met one of these animals was at a show. His groom had brought him out for a bath and the horse didn’t want one so he just lifted his head and walked off with the groom hanging from the lead line.

He just lifted his head. That is the kind of power these horses have. This is lovely video of a Friesian.