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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book of Days

Happy New Year!
So far I have watched a few minutes of the Winter Classic and a few minutes of the mummers parade (I can’t really describe the mummers, feathers and string bands. It may be like Carnival with cold weather) but mostly I’ve been hanging out. I did get my book of days writing in. The prompt was Things that come through silence. I’m working on developing my hero.

I have been completely off the Internet for the past week or so (even e-mail) so I have to do that soon. One of my resolutions is to make sure I post more often. 
Things that enter by way of silence

He breached the surface of the water, long tooth first and then he was in the air. Once his head was above the water the world fell silent. Sound carried better underwater, and his whale body wasn’t really designed for hearing above water.
He cleared his blow hole and took a deep breath. His lungs filled and for a few moments he drank in the silence. Then he let himself slip back under the water and then swam full speed up through the hole in the ice, launching himself up and out through the hole in the ice.
His long torpedo shaped body crashed down on the ice and he lay quietly for a few moments just letting himself feel his body. The narwhal isn’t a big whale, it is white and a mottled black gray. The biggest distinguishing thing about the male is the single long tooth jutting forward out of his mouth.
He looked like a water unicorn.
Then he let himself remember his other body. As he remembers his magic flowed through him and his other body appeared.
A young man with dark hair and the white skin of someone who almost never saw the sun. The man stood and looked back at his watery home.
He turned his back on his home and walked away. If he had any hope of saving his home he would have to do it in the world of Man.     

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