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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sometimes it’s easy

There are some days when the words come easy. My fingers just trip over the keyboard and I love everything that comes out.

Then there are the days when every word is a struggle and I find myself distracted. I know that it is the part of the novel that I am working on. I’ve reached a point where what I am writing is too close. I’ve reached the place where putting it on paper hurts. I hurt for my characters.

So instead of writing I’m watching a hockey game from last season. I’m watching the Stanly Cup finals. I don’t know if I’m hoping that the Bruins will inspire me or if I am procrastinating. The funny thing is I picked a game that my team lost. Well it is what was on.

I still can’t believe the Bruins won the Cup. I was two the last time that happened. One of the players I fell in love with last year is still unsigned and the talk is that the Bruins are shopping him out. I’ll be sad if he goes, but I’ve lost players I’ve loved in the past – it is part of sports. Believe it or not I still follow the guys I like even when they are on teams I hate.

Sometimes the words come easy – like slipping on ice. Sometimes they don’t and then it feels like I’m in waist deep water.

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